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30 September 2014

UNICEN position on the creation of a regulated futures market

UNICEN agrees in principle with the text of the second consultation of RAE’s proposal for the creation of a regulated futures market. The new proposal contributes to creating the conditions for the gradual development of competition in the supply of electricity in the Greek market. UNICEN recognizes as very positive the initiative undertaken by the Chairman of the Authority that resulted successfully – in a spirit of cooperation - in specializing the terms for conducting the auctions and addressing the specifics of the manufacturing industry. The auction price of the futures products remains one of the most critical factors. UNICEN identifies points in the proposal that should be clarified and some corrections to be made, so that competition in the electricity market will contribute to the reduction of the energy costs for the Greek Manufacturing Industry.

10 June 2014

UNICEN position on NOME

The proposal put to the public consultation cannot constitute an acceptable sustainable solution for the Greek industry in its present form.  Specific changes are required – which we suggest – in order that the producer surplus generated today by the exploitation of domestic energy resources to be transferred to the final consumer and in particular to the industrial consumer facing international competition. 

The matter is extremely serious, as it concerns the survival and growth of industrial production in Greece.

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