Mission - Positions

Mission - Positions

Urban Society Non-profit Foundation Year: 2010

UNICEN's mission is the joint representation of the country's energy-intensive industries before Greek, foreign and international bodies, agencies, organizations and companies on issues related to the energy sector.

UNICEN has the following goals:

  • To promote, on behalf of its Members, their positions for the design of the domestic energy market as well as to study and propose measures for its improvement. To participate in public consultations on the drafting of laws and decisions relating directly or indirectly with the activities of its Members on issues of energy, proposing on their behalf specific adaptations of the legal framework.
  • To contribute in developing cooperation with foreign and international affiliated associations and organizations in the area of energy.
  • To contribute to the development of relations among its Members and Greek and international organizations with related activities.
  • To represent its Members before Greek, international and foreign agencies, authorities, organizations and companies in on issues related to the field of energy.
  • To provide information to its Members on issues relating to their activity within the field of energy.
  • To form committees to deal with institutional issues of concern to its Members, in relation with various organizations and agencies or other topics of special interest.
  • To conduct studies and to assign third parties to conduct studies on issues related to energy.

Summary of positions framework

General energy policy

Market design, transparency

Note: Statutes only available in the Greek version.

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